The sentences "kerja keras adalah energi kita" seems like has becomes the most favorite topic on mind of most Indonesian blogger lately, you know why? because that could be worth of a motorbike or a brand new blackberry.

Yahh, That's what you'll get if you could processing the sentences Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita as a high quality keyword, post it on your blog as new topic articles, then optimize your blog, try to reach number one for that keyword in search engine result and hold that position until January 5th 2010. Next, the grand jury will decide who's the winner, if you are, congrats... The prize is yours, go home, sleep tight and hold that motorbike in bed with you :D

Pertamina will make all things happen through their event titled "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita Pertamina Blog Contest 2009". Read more details about these event here.

Just like other blogger friends out there, I'd love to participate, no matter that i'am just an ordinary blogger, misspelled words everywhere and poor knowledge about SEO, I decided to join to tested myself, how far I can go. And to keep survive my chance, I've made a video for Pertamina titled "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita", Why video? Wiseman said; "A picture is worth a thousand words" so a video could be worth a million words :)

Enjoy watching and don't forget to feedback and rate. Thanks.

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Iwan Tiada Tara said... 12/12/2009


budiman sakti said... 12/12/2009

good work bro!!!....

spartax said... 12/13/2009

thanks atas komentarnya :) lifestyle on the net said... 12/14/2009

Great articles..
keep blogging bos..
Gud luck,,

Anonymous said... 12/16/2009

good luck...

consolidate student loans said... 1/21/2010

we must work hard to achieve the purpose. keep going brother no matter what. life style | technology articles

Mike said... 4/30/2011

Salam Kenal !!!