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Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

" Blog Contest 2009 will end up tomorrow and the winners of this event will be announce at January 13rd 2010. If we look at the Google search engine result for keyword "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita we can see the candidates to win the trophy. There all are good players for these such of contests. Seems like there's no chances to overlap the big three as they optimized all things very well.

How about me?, well, my Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita blog is stuck on rank 6 in SERP, after almost 30 day hard work and spent many times optimizing the keyword -Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita-. I think it's not bad for a newcomer in this event, and actually I'm very surprised for what I've got this far. Through this contest I learn more how to optimize website/blog in Google search engine.

This is my last post for Pertamina " Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita " Blog Contest, in this post I'd like to thank PT Pertamina who gave me chance and space to learn.

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Kerja Keras said... 1/04/2010

Nice work, nice jobs.. hard work is never ends... gud luck for you master...

kerja keras adalah energi kita said... 1/04/2010
not me.. you're the "the master" bro... I still need to learn lots from you.. but thanks anyway, good luck for you too.. :)

Kerja keras adalah energi kita

fanny cutezzz said... 1/04/2010

mazz gimana kontestnya, moga-moga menang dechh...

Blog is our energy said... 1/05/2010

Masih aja pake nama kerja keras adlah energi kita ..bukanya dah slesai..belum kasih selamay sama pemenangnya. Sukses ya Broo

spartax said... 1/07/2010
thanks, sukses for you too bro

benehalfirman said... 1/09/2010

Sukses dengan blog kontesnya ya..semoga dapat point..blognya cukup membantu ini..thank...

henrietta said... 1/13/2010

as a metter of fact, it's a very good chance for us. but, like me, i'm late. have a nice winner!

henrietta said... 1/13/2010

as a metter of fact, it's a very good chance for us. but, like me, i'm late. have a nice winner!

Mike Bryllupsmusik said... 1/28/2010

Am waiting eagerly to see the contest winners, I hope the results will completely unbiased and unlike other contests I do believe that the winners are not already chosen.

Mike Cykler said... 2/06/2010

I missed the contest in just one day, I wish I were here yesterday. Anyways have a good wishes to all the competitors.

Get Ex Back said... 2/08/2010

I love your blog, just bookmarked it :)

Evelina W.

Get Ex Back

Lars Fich said... 2/09/2010

I thought if I had already lost the chance but thanks to you, you saved my day. The topic was so refreshing for me ad its showed me a new ray of hope.

Lars Fich said... 2/11/2010

nice to see the competition , keep sharing such competition I liked that! Thanks a lot for sharing it.

Auto specs said... 2/11/2010

Masih ada tow kontesnya, sukses selalu dah ya lifestyle on the net said... 2/17/2010

Sukses selalu untuk kontesnya, semangat terus yaa..

sigit's blog said... 2/21/2010

wahhh lagi kontes ya

spartax said... 2/22/2010

kontesnya dah lama berlalu mas,,, kalah pulak hikshiks..

blognya aja yang blum ke-update hehe.. lg sibuk:)

Andrei A. said... 3/06/2010

nice post.thx !