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Inventory Control System

Inventory Control System
For Retail Store A Complete MIS SYSTEM [With Customer Support System, Financial Management System , Inventory Control System Including Sales, Purchase, Bills Receivable and Payable, Income and Expense maintenance] With 14 Useful Reports created in crystal report.

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Taken from: planetsourcecode
Submitted on: 11/5/2002 2:22:05 PM
By: Divyen K Patel
Level: Intermediate
Compatibility:VB 6.0, VBA MS Access

Terms of Agreement:
By using this code, you agree to the following terms...
1) You may use this code in your own programs (and may compile it into a program and distribute it in compiled format for languages that allow it) freely and with no charge.
2) You MAY NOT redistribute this code (for example to a web site) without written permission from the original author. Failure to do so is a violation of copyright laws.
3) You may link to this code from another website, but ONLY if it is not wrapped in a frame.
4) You will abide by any additional copyright restrictions which the author may have placed in the code or code's description.

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