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Problem Error Setup VB with Crystal Report SOLVED!

Work With Crystal Report And Visual Basic
This application is working with Crystal Report 8.5 and Visual Basic 6.0
Problem when you create setup file in visual basic link with crystal report.
Subject: Re: Package and Deployment wizard compile error 80010108
How you will solve that problem.
Subject: Re: Package and Deployment wizard compile error 80010108

This error occurs due to a problem in the Crystal control dependency file -

This is a known issue and has been tracked. The Track ID is 53800.
To resolve this error, open Crystl32.dep in Notepad or a similar text
editor and modify the section:


Now just comments above lines as shown below in Crystl32.dep.
(Beri lambang komentar didepan kode diatas menjadi seperti ini:)


Also ensure that the Crystl32.dep file is in the \Windows\System32 folder.
One more Imp is that The file Crystl32.dep is having Hidden Attributes, so
you have to be carefull,
and when you will create a package it will ask to add some missing files ,
so just click Ok don't be upset due to that message, I am sure It will work.

I got this solution from the crystal report web site , the address id
For more information visit this website.

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