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Try VB-PowerWrap 4.0

What's new in Version 4.0

* Wrap any executable. Just add the executable, right click and select "Wrap this executable".
* Ccontrol the compression level of your executable.
* Startup speed improved.
* "Test" button added.
* Interface updated, along with a number of small bug fixes

New from Version 3.5:

VB-PowerWrap now allows you to embed ALL dependent or non-dependent files into your executable --- graphics, databases, text files - anything you like!


VB-PowerWrap allows developers to distribute their programs without the host of various OCX's and DLL's. Developed to help Visual Basic programmers distribute their executable file(s) without worrying about runtime dependencies, VB-PowerWrap allows you to package all .dll's and .ocx's inside the executable of your VB program, with no setup or installation to run.

VB-PowerWrap scans a Visual Basic project, wraps the appropriate files, and creates a self-contained file for distribution. Powerful compression creates the smallest .exe possible.

VB-PowerWrap features:

* Compresses all DLL's and OCX's
* Registers appropriate controls on user's machine if needed
* No runtime headaches
* Automatically scans your project for DLLs and OCXs.
* Works with Visual Basic 4, 5 and 6

Best of all, VB-PowerWrap comes with a free 7-day trial.

Try VB-PowerWarp 4.0 today!

Visit the official website of VB-PowerWrap for details

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