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Openning Existing Crystal Reports With VB

'Openning Existing Crystal Reports With VB
'Reque:Crystal Reports Developer Edition Abouve ver 8.0, Visual Basic 6.0
'This code is for Oracle Database and with one Sub report
'Please refer all related objects from project --> references and one viewer to viewer form or just Add Crystal Report from Project menu
'Crystal Object Declarations
Dim CRXReport As CRAXDDRT.Report 'CR report
Dim CRXDb As CRAXDDRT.Database 'Cr DB
Dim CRXTbl As CRAXDRT.DatabaseTable 'CR tbl
Dim crxSubreport As CRAXDRT.Report 'Cr SubReports

Set CRXReport = Your_Report
Set CRXDb = CRXReport.Database

inti = 1
Do Until inti = CRXReport.Database.Tables.Count + 1
CRXReport.Database.Tables.Item(inti).SetLogOnInfo strdblocation, "", "", ""
inti = inti + 1

Set crxSubreport = CRXReport.OpenSubreport("YOUR_SUB_REPORT")
Set CRXDb = crxSubreport.Database

inti = 1
Do Until inti = crxSubreport.Database.Tables.Count + 1
crxSubreport.Database.Tables.Item(inti).SetLogOnInfo strdblocation, "", "", "" 'set you database location
inti = inti + 1

With frmviewer 'this is your form that contains viewrr
.Show ' show the viewer
.CRViewer1.ReportSource = CRXReport
End With

Set CRXReport = Nothing 'set nothing

'end source code
'Code By Kiran Reddy

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