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Winsock TCP Protocol Tutorial

Winsock Control
This tutorial is aimed to teach you the fundamentals of Winsock Programming.

Start a new project and rename the project to prjTCPWinsock and save. I strongly advise getting in the habit of naming things based on what they are because it is easier than remembering a week later when you decide to use the code or remembering that Form2 is your Server Form.

What do I need?
Method 1:
Add the Microsoft Winsock Control as a Component within your VB Application.
(Right Click -> Components -> Select Microsoft Winsock Control)

Method 2:
You can also learn to make your own class using the wsock32.dll.

Csocket Class:

The advantage of Method 2 is there are no dependencies. This means, simply, that you must include the Winsock Control with your application by using Method 1. The Class module allows you to include it within your project and (as a part of your project) does not require you to have any external controls. For this Tutorial we are going to use the Windows one for ease of use.

[Download Complete Tutorial]

Tutorial by. Ionix
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