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Tips: Loading binary files from a .res file

To load any binary resources you put in a .res file, we should do the following:

1. Save the resource as a "CUSTOM" type resource;
2. Load it from the file into a byte array;
3. Save the array in a normal file;
4. Load the file.

In this example, we'll cover how to load a JPEG picture. Take a look at the code:

Public Sub LoadDataIntoFile (DataName As String, Filename As String)

Dim myArray() As Byte 'Byte array
Dim myFile As Long

If Dir(Filename) = "" Then ' Check if Filename exists

' If not, load the resource into the byte array:

myArray = LoadResData(DataName, "CUSTOM")
myFile = FreeFile
Open Filename For Binary Access Write As #myFile 'Open file

Put #myFile, , myArray 'Write array to file

Close #myFile 'Close file

End If

End Sub

Ok. Now that you've got the function, use it just like the following:

LoadDataIntoFile "JPEGRes", "c:\vb5\Pic.jpg"

' This loads the resource named "JPEGRes" into the file "Pic.jpg"
' After all, do what you want with the file.

Tips by. Pablo Alvim

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