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Free VBScript Backup Software

This configurable VBScript data backup Windows utility script completely automates the process of backing up all of your critical files.
  • its expansion capability is unlimited
  • it performs daily, weekly, and monthly data backups so you can revert to versions of your critical files back through each of the last 7 days, each of the past 5 (some months have 5 weeks) weeks, and each of the last 12 months. This is the ideal scenario for all critical files for any mission critical system.
  • When combined with the Windows Scheduled Tasks (or a third party tool - some highly rated ones are here - this backup software script will perform automatic backups of all of your critical files.
  • by it's very nature (VBScript) it is the source code and is executed by the Microsoft Scripting Engine. You can get the MS Scripting Engine here if your version of Windows doesn't have it.
  • You can backup several ways - depending on your current software - WinZip (you can get it here), WinZip Command Line (no dialogs that stop processing - for silent backups), XCopy (only updated files), and normal Copy.
  • Notifications inform the user what was backed up, where it was backed up to, and how many bytes were backed up
  • Script can run in silent mode by disabling user notifications
  • Optional data backup to a separate or removable drive is supported
Languange: ASP
OS: windows 98, xp
Author: Michael Cordova

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Online Backup said...

Hmm, good to know. It's so hard to find legitimate backup programs.

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