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Rules to Successful Projects

The main goal for all programmer are making successful projects for clients.
What makes a project completely successful? based on SSW rules; The promise of a successful project is something we all work hard (kerja keras) to achieve, but working harder is not the answer. Software companies need to work smarter before, during, and after development, to ensure that the client gets not only what they want, but what they need.

There's no doubt custom software development is a challenging industry. There's nearly 75% of all development projects missed their target release date or never ship at all (Standish Group Report, 1999). But what I find so interesting is that at least 7 of the 10 most common signs of product development failure are present before the design is created or a single line of code is written. (John S. Reel 1999).

Rules to Successful Projects:

1. Do you understand the value of consistency?
2. Do you manage clients expectations?
3. Do you pursue a short or long-term relationship with Clients?
4. Is your client clear on how you manage projects?
5. Do you enforce deadlines, have a project release plan, a debrief, a mark /10 and a status meeting?
6. Is your client clear on the definition of a bug?
7. Do you maintain verbal contact with your client?
8. Do you know who has authority?
9. Is your spec in bite-sized pieces?
10. Do you start with a mock-up release?

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