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Automated string extraction utility

AutoRes is a FREE automated string extraction utility. It removes strings from a VB project (code, form, etc), and replace them with a LoadResString() reference. Then it builds a RC (resource) file that could be inserted in your project after an easy conversion. It uses its special heuristic to check which string is good and which is not,making the whole process of replacement a piece of cake!

Before running the AutoRes.exe file, make sure that you have the ExclFile.ini file in the same directory.
Using AutoRes is a very simple task. Just follow these few steps:
  1. After running the program click on "Open VB Project" and select your Visual Basic project (i.e. prjMyProject.vbp). The program loads the vbp file and gets the file information.
  2. Select the files you want to analyze. Normally you just leave all checked. The program reads all the files you've choosen and extract the strings.
  3. You have now two lists.
    The first on the left are the "Bad" strings, which means strings that will not be replaced with LoadResString. The list will probably be already filled by a lot of strings, because AutoRes has is own algorithm that recognise many kind of system strings. The second list contains all the strings that will be replaced.
    If you don't agree with the program string subdivision just move a string from a list to another with the arrow buttons between the two lists.
    By clicking on a string you can see all the lines in which the string has one occurence. If you doubleclick on one of these lines you can see the whole code with the string evidenced.
    NOTE: Don't worry about control (form, labels, textbox, etc..) names! The program will automatically generate an init function for them, but it will not touch the header!
  4. Once you've finished selecting strings just press "Continue".
    Autores automatically convert all the files, and put them on a subdir called"ArConverted". It also create a file called AutoRes.rc which is the resource file in ASCII format.
  5. Convert AutoRes.rc to YourResource.res: in order to use the resource file under VB you have to convert the .rc file to a .res file.
    You can do that by simply use rc.exe which is shipped with VB and VC.
    The sintax is:
    rc.exe /r /fo YourResource.res AutoRes.rc
  6. Replace your original .frm, .mod, etc.. files (make a backup first!!!!!) with the new ones, and import the .res file in your project, AND the module with the constants declarations (modARConst.bas).
  7. Enjoy your converted program!
Download Autores 0.47 source
Download Autores 0.47 exe

Author info:
Norman Casagrande (SWITZERLAND)
Please report bug, info, etc.. at:
info at:
Or on the program webpage on sourceforge:

Licence Agreement:
AutoRes is published under GNU (GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE).
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute copies of this program.

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