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Free folding text editor tools for Linux and Win

Code Browser is a folding text editor for Linux and Windows, designed to hierarchically structure any kind of text file and expecially source code. It makes navigation through source code faster and easier.

  • Folders to organize your source code
  • Links to help navigation between files
  • Special comment lines to give the source code a literate programming look
  • Multiple files
  • Multiples windows per file
  • Several panes per window
  • Smalltalk style browser
  • Syntax highlighting for

    | Assembler | ASP | Batches | C/C++ | C# | CSS | HTML | Java |
    | JSP | Makefile | Pascal | Perl | PHP | Python | Ruby | Sh | SQL |
    | TeX | VB.Net | XML

  • User definable syntax highlighting
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Word wrapping
  • User defined tools
  • User defined shortcuts
  • Bookmarks
  • Search and replace: search in folder, search in file
  • Goto line: in folder or in file
  • Block indent/unindent
  • Drop file to open
Code Browser is licensed under The GNU Public License.

Installation (Windows):
With the no-installer version, copy this folder into your 'program files' folder or anywhere else , and put a shortcut in the start menu, that's all.

Installation from Source (Windows):
Run the build.bat script from its own directory.
The scripts are configured to be used with MinGW. You must have gcc and windres in your path.
If the build is successful: rename the bin\ directory to "Code Browser"
and move it to your \Program Files\ directory or anywhere else.

Installation from Source (Linux):
Requisite: GTK+ >= 2.4

Edit the makefile if you want to change the default install dir (/usr/local).
Type 'make' to build program.
Type 'make install' as root to install the program.
Note for ubuntu users: you may need to install packages before:
sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev

Installation from Source (MacOs):
Requisite: GTK+ >= 2.4

If you want run Code Browser like on linux (install to /usr/local)
Type 'make TARGET=darwin' to build program.
Type 'make install TARGET=darwin' as root to install the program.

If you want run Code Browser in your application like other application You need xcode
Type 'make' to build program and mac os bundle.
Type 'sudo make install-app' to install mac os bundle in Applications folder (program is also installed in install dir).

Download Code Browser 3.0
Publisher's website
Written by Kerja keras adalah energi kita


Anonymous said...

I've been using CodeBrowser for over a year, mostly for Perl. It streamlines huge programs and is better than normal folding available with vim, etc. since you define what the top-level "name" of each folded element is. So, instead of seeing

+ sub this() {
+ sub that() {

your top-level can be fold names like

THIS: a routine to do x, y, and z

THAT: does whatever this() can't

In other words, a year later when you want to fix something, you know exactly which tag to click to expand and can drill down quickly to the place you need to find.

I highly recommend CodeBrowser. The only problem is that it's not being actively maintained, so what you see is what you get.

conradsharry said...

thanks for share us your experience with this tool:-)

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