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How to use Ms. Agent in VB6

Ms. Agent is a technology used to add interactive animated characters to windows application or web page; they can speak and tell the user something via text-to-speech engine. Microsoft provides four characters Agent like we usually seen in Ms. Office application and each character has its own set of animation.

I’ve searched on the net looking for sample in VB6 that using Ms. Agent in their application. After searching so many sites, Finally I’ve found some nice code that 100% match, handwriting quiz created by Jerry D. Petersen, it's a small application to test determine character and personality of the writer based on their handwriting.

In this sample, Jerry 'invited' Mr.Merlin to explain, assist and guide you answer the questions one by one. It used data in XML file to control Merlin's speech and you should activate Ms.Agent component from the Ms.Office installation or download from Microsoft website.

Download HandwritingQuizz source code
Visit Ms. Agent Ringsurf

More resources:
Download Agent 2.0 Sample from Microsoft website
(Sample code for Visual Basic implementing a Character Animation Previewer tool)
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Anonymous said...

its very nice sample code i/ve been looking for too.. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

nice! keep on the good work dude ..........

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