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Must-have Tools For Every Developer

To build a first-class application you should work hard or kerja keras, spend the energy and also have the best available tools. There are a multitude of small, lesser-known tools available to download that target Windows Developer and .NET development as listed below. The simple descriptions are not enough, so you should learn more about each and decide which tools are useful for your projects.

  • TortoiseSVN - Open source
    Provide GUI interfaces into Subversion via Windows Explorer shell extensions

  • MbUnit - Open source
    Extensible unit-test framework with impressive support for data-driven,combinatorial,and other testing types. Many unique features distinguish it from other test frameworks.

  • SlickRun - Free
    Floating command line with customizable “Magic- Word” shortcuts

  • WinMerge - Open source
    Quickly and easily track down differences in files and merge changes between versions

  • Process Explorer - Free
    Great tool for getting details on processes, the resources they use, and system performance

  • Reflector - Free
    A great tool for exploring APIs in an assembly and learning more about how that assembly is used

  • TestDriven.NET - Free
    Integrates unit-testing functionality directly into Visual Studio

  • Less MSIérables - Free
    A tool to view and extract the contents of Windows Installer files

  • CruiseControl.NET - Open source
    Tie together every developer’s work via automated build and testing processes to get a constantly updated picture of your project’s health.

  • SVN 1-Click Setup - Open source
    Simple tool to install and configure a Subversion repository.

  • FxCop - Free
    Invaluable tool for checking if .NET assemblies conform to well-established design guidelines. Can be used by automated build and continuous integration processes.

  • NCover - Free
    Monitors a .NET program while it is running and reports which lines of code were executed and which were not

  • NUnit - Open source
    A tool for writing and running unit tests in .NET code

  • NCoverExplorer- Open source
    GUI tool for viewing, sorting, and filtering source code coverage results provided in NCover Coverage.xml files. Integrates with Visual Studio using TestDriven.NET. Automated build and CI processes can use the console version for merging and reporting.

  • NAnt- Open source
    Automate nearly all processes for your builds, tests, and deployment

  • The Regulator- Open source
    Write and test regular expressions easily

  • CopySourceAsHtml - Open source
    Copies your source code from Visual Studio's editors including formatting and styling to the clipboard, making it very easy to insert styled snippets into blogs or documentation.

  • Notepad2 - Open source
    A lightweight, powerful text editor offering syntax highlighting for many different languages

  • Web Developer Extension for Firefox - Open source
    Must-have Firefox extension for web developers. Gives you complete control over the browser, helping you develop and test your pages.

  • NHibernate - Open source
    Full-featured .NET open source O/RM tool
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Anonymous said...

nice info, nice posting! thanks!

Talk Binary said...

Thanks for the great list of tools!
OpenSource all the way. :)

I don't know if you would try and consider Programmer's Notepad as a tool? It's great for quick edits of HTML, and whatnot.

conradsharry said...

# talk binary: yes, Programmer's Notepad is a great text editor tool too, there's also textpad, I'll put them on the list soon.. thanks

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