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Visual Basic 6 Portable Edition

A fully functional package of Visual Basic 6 optimized for use on a USB key drive. This is amazing since now you can use this at school or anywhere you want it.

But please note:
There's some limitations in VB6 Portable Edition, like to read project.vbp files, VB6 Portable doesn't well as the full version, and it's annoying with the splashscreens. This app is recommend for advanced users, to any serious beginner it's better to start with the full version one.

Download VB6 Portable Edition (5.8MB):
{ link 1 } - { link 2 }

To Install:
Extract and open the exe file then click the .reg to add the registration to your registry.


Anonymous said...

thanks buddy:)

Anonymous said...

Since the links are dead, here's the updated one:

+ You don't need to go through a bunch of .reg files, just click the register button and it should be self explanatory.

GoDaddy Promo Code said...

should I download the both files?
or just one of them?

Anonymous said...


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