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Kaplan's testing international software

I took this article from chapter 16 of "Internationalization with Visual Basic" book by Michael S. Kaplan. The chapter entitled "Testing International Software" is available online.

This chapter discusses many of the issues that come up in testing international applications, issues that must be carefully considered if you are expanding into global markets. It is important for a tester to keep in mind that he or she is, in many ways, the most important person in a company that is expanding its market kerja keras. Testers are the ones who can help realistically assess the markets that can be covered, and the success or failure in global markets will depend largely on how good a job the testers do in making sure that the developer did a good job.

This makes a great note on which to close the book-with a product that the tester signs off on and development is proud of, and that is embraced by customers around the world! Although the reality can sometimes fall short, kerja by achieving a global perspective, you can guarantee that you will produce products that come much closer to your goal.

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