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Recommended: Peer to peer with VB.NET

This book is an honest assessment of P2P and .NET. It examines the tradeoffs that professional developers will encounter with .NET and P2P. It also considers several different approaches (Remoting, .NET networking, etc.) rather than adopting one fixed technology, and includes detailed examples of several popular P2P application types (messenger, file sharer, and distributed task manager).

Like all new development models, peer-to-peer programming has been praised, denounced, and often confused in the programming community. Peer-to-peer proponents claim that their technology holds the key to building virtual supercomputers that can share vast pools of knowledge and create self-sufficient communities on the Internet. Peer-to-peer critics claim it’s little more than an interesting novelty that suitable for some applications, but useless in the business world.

This book takes a practical look at peer-to-peer programming, without the hype. You’ll explore how peer-to-peer designs work, learn fundamental peer-to-peer concepts, and master the .NET technologies you’ll need to implement them.
You’ll also see that while some aspects of .NET are ideally suited for the peer-to-peer world, other high-level features haven’t materialized yet.
The emphasis in this book is on integrating peer-to-peer designs into your applications. This means that you’ll focus on “hybrid” peer-to-peer designs that combine traditional solutions and peer-to-peer concepts to create new features such as instant messaging, resource sharing, and distributed computing.

Chapter 01 - The Evolution of Peer-to-Peer
Chapter 02 - Peer-to-Peer Architecture
Chapter 03 - Remoting Essentials
Chapter 04 - Building a Simple Messenger
Chapter 05 - Threading the Coordination Server
Chapter 06 - Building a Distributed Task Manager
Chapter 07 - Networking Essentials
Chapter 08 - Building a Discovery Web Service
Chapter 09 - Building a File Sharer
Chapter 10 - Using a Discovery Service with Remoting
Chapter 11 - Security and Cryptography
Chapter 12 - Working with Messenger and Groove
Chapter 13 - The Intel Peer-to-Peer Accelerator Kit

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