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Google chrome web browser

The newest modern web browser has arrived, it's called Google Chrome. There’s a million posts articles about this stuff but if you are new like me and still want to know more about the details, I recommend you to read Google’s comic. I just read and it's very nice approaching technique:)...

And here's the key features:

  • Javascript Virtual Machine V8 - To run faster web apps!
    Google Chrome's wrote a totally new javascript virtual machine called V8, which compiles code as machine code, rather than being interpreted. Something which is sorely needed with todays web apps.
  • Smooth HTML Rendering
    Chrome’s HTML rendering is handled by Webkit, like Safari and Adobe AIR.
  • Top Tabs, Crash Tab - No more Browser Crash's pain
    Tabs are now moved to the very top of the page. Every tab now runs in it’s own virtual machine, which greatly increases stability. If something goes wrong, a TAB will crash (a “sad tab”), not the entire browser. JS running in separate tabs now has it’s own process so it’ll run asynchronously of what else is going on in the browser. Great improvement!
  • Most Visites and List
    An Opera-esque “new tab” page, showing your 9 most visited websites + list of sites you search most on.
OS Requirement: Windows XP-Vista

Read the Google Chrome's Comic
Download Google Chrome

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Anonymous said...

yes true, chrome is great and I think it will 'kick IE8 ass'!!!..

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