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Problems in Standard VB6 References Dialog

When we talk about problems in the Standard Visual Basic 6 References Dialog, some say 'Yes', others say 'No problem', Yes or No options is depend on you but there's an add-in replacement called Advanced Visual Basic 6 References Dialog and I think you should try this one to makes your work done faster and managing your libraries easily.

This is what we called 'problems' in Standard References Dialog:
  • Location field on the dialog
    The Location field on the dialog only shows maybe the first 50 characters of the path of the file. This really becomes a problem when you end up with two type libraries with the same name and you need to select the correct one and often you can't tell which file the type library is in. The only way of doing it reliably is to use the browse button and locate the file yourself or opening the Visual Basic IDE dll.

  • Difficult to find things in the list quickly
    If I want to select the ADO 2.7 type library I need to search for Microsoft ActiveX Data Object 2.7, now if you use the keyboard a lot it would be nice to be able to jump straight down to that reference by typing at least the first few characters of it, well bad news you can only type the first character, any idea how many type library descriptions there are starting with the letter 'M'?.

  • What the description of the type library is?
    Would you guess that the Microsoft FileSystemObject is in a type library called Microsoft Scripting Runtime, maybe you remember part of the description, it would be nice to be able to search for like matches, so maybe you know the Programmatic Identifier (Prog ID) but don't know the file that contains the type library or the description of the type library, wouldn't it be nice to look up the type library description from the Prog ID

  • Slow to display the dialog box
    Every time you launch the references dialog, it re-reads the registry to get a list of all the Type Libraries), and you probably have enough reason to think that there must be a better solution.

Problems solved!

Advanced Visual Basic 6 References Dialog is a Visual Basic 6 Add-in to replace the functionality of the standard Project References Dialog with a more useful, and comprehensive utility.

The project is written in Visual Basic 6. The add-in will provide a better References dialog box by adding searching functionality to help locate a required type library by name, location, or prog id (using wildcards). The add-in will also be quicker to re-display as it will cache results from the previously use (where possible).

Additionally the core functionality of the add-in will be wrapped up as a standalone executable, and as a COM object to provide a useful tool for checking which type libraries are registered, whether the files exists, and the size / date of the registered files. (Author: timhill)

Download Advanced VB6 References Dialog

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John Ween said...

Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!

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