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How to speed up Firefox 3 on Netbook device

This is small useful trick to speed up Firefox 3 on netbook device.

The trick:
  1. Open a new tab by typing Ctrl-t (That’s the Ctrl key on your keyboard and the letter t key at the same time)
  2. Enter about:config in the address bar of Firefox
  3. Enter ip into the Filter: text box
  4. Look for the network.dns.disableIPv6 entry in the table below the Filter: text box
  5. Double click the network.dns.disableIPv6 entry
  6. Restart Firefox
The reasons:
Firefox grinds to a halt while trying to find ipv6 internet addresses that are unavailable on most networks.
IPv6 is a new version of the IP protocol, and it isn’t supported on most netbook device. Therefore what was happening was that Firefox would try to use IPv6, wait until the request failed, and then try IPv4, that's painfully slow on your netbook.

After disable 'IPv6' feature, your Firefox will run faster about a hundred times more responsive.
(trick by techexplorer - written by Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita)


Derek Morr said...

Firefox shouldn't send queries for AAAA records if you do not have a routable IPv6 address. Do you have packet traces showing that it does?

login01 said...

A little IPv6 networking basics. If your system has IPv6 enabled, but you never properly configured IPv6 to talk to the IPv6 Internet, you will see this behavior.

When you enter a www.domain into the browser, and your system sends out two DNS request. The first over IPv6 and the second over IPv4.

If IPv6 DNS fails but the IPv4 DNS query returns both a AAAA (IPv6) DNS record and a A (IPv4) DNS record, then your system will attempt to first query the IPv6 DNS, then the IPv4. The delay is caused by applications assuming your have global IPv6 connection when you do not. This timeout can be from 30 seconds to 5 min, based on the application. Recommendation--- 1. Call your ISP and ask when they are going to support IPv6. 2. If they do not support IPv6, enable default 6to4, ISATAP or Teredo tunneling. If that does not work, go to and get a tunnel configured.

Note, time to complete this project is about 15 min.

Why enable IPv6 tunneling? Disabling Firefox is lame, if you did not first properly configure your system.

Joe Klein

conradsharry said...

thx joe, I found its hard to call my isp to discuss about this, so I decided to search over the internet to solve these problems.. Im using XP and intel atom inside my netbook (AcxxOne) and its works...

Anonymous said...

yes it works great for me too...
thanks, nadine.exo

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