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What Can a Microsoft Excel Application Do Using Excel VBA?

An Excel application is an Excel spreadsheet that uses Microsoft Excel and VBA. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, which is a subset of the full blown Visual Basic programming language that can run within other host applications such as Microsoft Excel, Access and Word. Using VBA, you can extend and build additional functions of Excel.

Here are some of the tasks an Excel application with VBA code can do:

Automate repetitive and tedious processes

Many times, once you create a useful spreadsheet, in order to maintain it, you need to perform a set of tasks in a specific order on a frequent basis. Often, you can automate such simple tasks using Excel's macro recorder. For more complex tasks you need to write VBA code.

Protect certain aspects of a spreadsheet

Once you have spent countless hours creating your spreadsheet, you would want to prevent other users from unauthorized changes. To do so, you can user VBA to control how others interact with the workbook.

Give users a more user-friendly interface

You can create user-forms that can serve to guide the less experienced users and help the more experienced users work more efficiently. This lets you hide the underlying complexity of a spreadsheet. You can use VBA to manage the layout and display of a workbook so that users don't get lost in your otherwise excellent work.

Integrate with databases

If you work in medium to large businesses, most corporate data is locked in other applications or databases. You can enable Excel to integrate with these data sources. This will allow users to be much more efficient in their work.

In the real world, there have been hundreds of ways Excel and VBA are used. Some of the uses that I have seen or developed include:

Budget/business forecast models

Almost every company I've worked with uses Excel in some way to manage their budget or forecast. These models have ranged from simple one-worksheet application to very complex workbooks that integrate with various other applications such as Microsoft Access and other databases.

Complex financial analysis

This is another popular use of Excel and Excel VBA. This is because Excel is primarily designed for financial analysis.

Sales commission application

Many companies use Excel to first extract data about sales performance of their sales representative, and then use detailed sales data to determine the commission earned by each sales representative.

Business proposals

Companies often used Excel, in conjunction with other applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, to develop an application that would allow users to produce business proposals along with recommendations that fit a company's objectives.

Extracting data and generate reports

A Fortune 500 company used Excel and Excel VBA to pull data from its data warehouse (database), generate100+ reports from the data that included financial information and statistics.

Generating sales quotes

A large stonemason and manufacturing company used Excel to create a powerful sales quote application. This application incorporated the detailed specifications required by their customers and produced a set of reports that include a quote for the customer.

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