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collaboration-oriented project management software

5pm Project Management Software5pm is a collaboration-oriented web-based project management software from QG Software. 'Welcome' is the feeling when visiting into the official website, you'll see a big colorful funny cartoon, an eyed catching web design interface, and titled "5pm - project management, task organizer, team collaboration and time tracking software".

Yes, you're stay in one of the most valuable web-based project management software recommended. This is a great tool to help you prioritize your tasks and manage a team project or to organize your personal life virtually. 5pm offers greater security than software for your office's network, easy-to use and learn and provides many innovative features including:
  • User friendly interface
  • A dual panel layout
  • Auto-Archiving
  • Technical support with videos and blog tutorial
  • Tasks tree navigation
  • Private or hidden tasks
  • The ability to view tasks and projects in a timeline
  • Time report creation
  • The ability to import data from Basecamp
  • Email notifications
  • The ability to upload file attachments
  • The ability to import contacts from Gmail
  • Auto reminder for task deadlines
  • iCalendar interfacing
  • The ability to send emails to create tasks
  • The ability to set up a project template or task and clone it for other projects and tasks
  • Search functionality
  • RSS Support
  • A personal dashboard for staying informed of upcoming tasks.
  • Ability to upload files related to the project for all team members to view and comment on.
For more info, visit 5pm official website here.

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