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Hard Work is Our Energy, Pertamina Blog Contest 2009

Announcing: Pertamina Blog Contest 2009!
Step right up with your latest and greatest Blog Contest event!

The concept:

Write a Review & Excpectation For Pertamina or review the products, then post it to your blog also don't forget to submit it to the article directory on the Pertamina Official website.
The keyword that need to optimize is "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita". Pertamina then will use to find out who rank best for the keyword.

" Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita " means " Hard Work Is Our Energy " a new motto of PT Pertamina.

Please note, do not use the keyword as your domain name and then join the contest. You just waste your time and energy because you'll be disqualified soon for doing so and will be listed on the wall of shame for sure. I listed some example below;
  •, *.net, *.org, *info, etc.
  •, *.net, *.org, *info, etc.
  •, *.net, *.org, *info, etc.
  •, *.net, *.org, *info, etc.
  •, *.net, *.org, *info, etc.

So watch the rules carefully here

The contest being held from October 12, 2009 to Januari 5, 2010. The winner will be announce and win big prizes. So if you are bloggers from Indonesia and have some interesting on SEO, writing reviews, this info might be useful. Have fun and good luck!

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