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Hard Work Makes Tiger Woods Great

What makes Tiger Woods great?

Research indicates that the lack of natural talents is irrelevant to great success. The answer is demanding practice and hard work (hard work = "kerja keras"). There is no instant substitutes for hard work (kerjakeras) and practice, you will achieve greatness only through an enormous amount of hard work over many years. And not just any hard work, but work of a particular type that's demanding and painful.

Tiger Woods is a real-world example of what the research shows. His father introduced him to golf at 18 months and encouraged him to practice intensively for at least 15 years. Woods became the youngest-ever winner of the U.S. Amateur Championship at age 18. Also in line with the findings, he has never stopped trying to improve, devoting many hours and energy a day to conditioning and practice, even remaking his swing twice because that's what it took to get even better.

For most people, work is hard enough without pushing even harder because those extra steps are so difficult and painful they almost never get done. That's the way it must be. If great performance were easy, it wouldn't be rare. Which leads to possibly the deepest question about greatness. While experts understand an enormous amount about the behavior that produces great performance, they understand very little about where that behavior comes from.

That's a lot to focus on for the benefits of deliberate practice - and worthless without one more requirement: Do it regularly, not sporadically. Hard work is our energy (Kerjakeras adalah energi kita).


Myles said...

And once you've achieved being a billionaire you can go slack off and cheat on your supermodel wife with hookers and call girls.

spartax said...

so we need new research; how and why the great men fall:)

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