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Need more Energy and hard work

The "

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

" Pertamina Blog Contest 2009 is getting close to the final day at Januari 5th 2010. I've been spent much times to optimize the sentences "

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

" in many possible ways, but seems my hard work (Kerja Keras) still did not enough, Google just gave me a little attentions and put my blog in number 8 in Search Engine Result.

Actually, my energy was no longer focused, my body had become weak, and my mind was a mess, and my spirit in angst, but then I found interesting quotes from Mr. Bush that said "My energy is up, my spirit is high, and I will finish strong". It's suddenly filled me with a new fresh spirit and I decided to keep moving forward, the battle is not finish yet and the trophy is still does not belong to somebody's yet.

I'll take the good side, this is my first experience in the such a SEO contest things, and I joined in this such of contest where the other contestants have skill better than me. Honestly, I'm proud could go this far and compete with others skilled blogger friends out there.

I'll salute the winners and all the participants in this event and I deeply hope that PT Pertamina will get the maximum benefits through this contest. From this event, Pertamina already got great attentions, this momentum should be keep maintain and followed with the great actions to bring the benefits for entire nation.

One last thing to remember: "With great power comes great responsibility" :)


Bagas said...

Kok bisa tahu" masuk 10 besar..kasih tips"nya dong selain kerja keras

Seo India said...

Thanx for the Article

Work hard

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