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Pertamina export lubricant to Australia

"Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

" is a good motto for Pertamina that has officially export the lubricant oil with high quality for the Australia auto market and industrial segment. "

kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

" means "

Hard Work is Our Energy


Launched on Friday, October 23rd, 2009 held by Director of Marketing and Commerce of Pertamina, Consul General of Indonesia, and Minister of Transportation of New South Wales, PT Pertamina through its Lubricants Business Unit has announced availability of their high-quality lubricants for the auto market and industrial segment in Australia. It allows Pertamina to market their products to the customers in Australia. Pertamina has been appointed a Country Distributors, Offshore Lubricants Pty Ltd, to distribute lubricants and serves customers. Currently, Offshore Lubricants Pty. Ltd. have been marketed the oil lubricant to the independent workshop.

Some marketed products are Prima XP, Mediteran SX, Fastron, and others brand. Pertamina is targeting sales of 3-5 containers per month for the first year and estimate 15-20 percent growth per year. Pertamina lubricants business in Australia expected to reach over 5000 KL per annum in 2015.

Pertamina lubricant with tagline X'treme Power & Protektion (XP2), are divided into 3 classes namely Premium, Gold and Silver based on the quality and adjusted with its use.
Pertamina lubricant is made from a mixture of base oil (mineral and fully synhetic) plus best additive manufactured by world-class companies such as Lubrizol, Infenium, Chevron Oronite etc., resulting in high quality lubricant from the API (Association des Constructeurs European d'Automobiles), Volvo , DaimlairChrysler, in the automotive sector, as well as certificates of Komatsu, Niigata, Caterpillar, Wartsila, etc. in industrial lubricants segment.

Australian market is very attractive to Pertamina. Australia lubricant needs around 550,000 KL / year. Initial target is the automotive segment both Top Tier and Mid Tier, the need for KL 260,000 (48% of national demand). Targeted marketing network is independent garage, pool taxi, bus / truck pool, and autoparts retailer of independent (non-chain).

In my private opinion, This is a Great Moves! With their new slogan

Kerja Keras Adalah Energ Kita

, Pertamina puts themselves in a strategic position to prove their existences and penetrate in the global market. Being known, positioning, keep the quality under control and mix with the match innovating marketing strategy will have an important impact to the brand awareness of the products and Pertamina itself.

I do believe, Pertamina has all the criteria to be a world class national company. The new motto "

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

has represented the vision, mission and the corporate values. I deeply hope that's just the beginning and through "kerja keras" and "energi kita" there will be more movement and innovative actions in the future and bring national pride to the higher level. Pertamina Adalah Energi Kita.

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