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XL-EasyGantt is a Simple Project Scheduling and Management Tool that is designed to make use of the popular Microsoft Excel program. By creatively using the Excel macros, formatting and simple filtering features, XL-EasyGantt allows high level schedules to be generated fairly quickly with timeline presentation that is great for pre-sales activities and fast communication between clients and team members who do not have access to Microsoft Project. By employing similar columns positioning as Microsoft Project, XL-EasyGantt allows you to easily copy-and-paste the details over to Microsoft Project for further detail planning and work breakdown. Similarly, you can also copy-and-paste from Microsoft Project.

In XL-EasyGantt V2.3 more new exciting features have been added to simplify the tasks of creating the project schedule and to generate the gantt chart. Automated Calendar generator is introduced to help novice Excel users to create the Gantt chart calendar easily and quickly with added features of selecting between a weekly or a daily view.Other features include inserting tasks with auto level indenting and color formatting, tasks level selection, tasks status selector, and many more!

Download Free Copy XL-EasyGant V2.3 Now!

Please read the license before you use the template.
After downloading you might want to register your copy of the template.

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