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Turn Outlook Into a Project Management Center

A Project Management Center, All From Within Outlook

Having a good Project management software is very important to the way that you conduct your your business to the next level. You can manage all your projects and ensure that all project team members are quickly updated about changing deadlines and new developments. Managing and prioritizing tasks is the main key to meeting business obligations.

Almost every business professional has a method of managing small projects and effectively collaborating with others to get the job done. Never again sticking to a paper-based project management system when several simple services can now do the job so much better.

You can find web-based project management service to help you prioritize your tasks and manage projects here, but if you are interested in getting unites all of the files, contacts, tasks, appointments and email messages about your projects together in one central location in Microsoft Outlook, then you should try MissingLink Project Management from Moore Software Solutions Inc.

With MissingLink Project Management, you can search and capture critical emails on a project-by-project basis, maintain a complete revision history of every attachment with the ability to retrieve prior versions. Yet, Outlook was never meant to be much more than an email program, With MissingLink Project Management, Outlook evolves into a full fledged project management tool, Outlook evolved beyond an Email Client into a Project Management Center.

Using Outlook for project management has never been easier, all of the information that you need to do your job comes through a single hub, and that hub is Microsoft Outlook.
With MissingLink Project Management you have the right project management tool - a powerful database of emails, contacts and files - in the right place: Microsoft Outlook.

Features and benefits
  • Integrate with all you already do in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Single-page overview of all the information necessary for the projects.
  • Unite all of the files, contacts, email messages, and attachments related to a specific project in a single place.
  • Search for critical email messages on a project-by-project basis.
  • Enjoy a complete revision history of every attachment, with the ability to retrieve prior versions.
  • Pick and choose what information to retain and what to delete when a project is concluded.
  • Archive old project information in a flexible, searchable database system.
Who Needs MissingLink Project Management? You do if you've ever:
  • Had to hunt through hundreds of email messages in your inbox to pull together all of the information you needed for a project.
  • Experienced confusion over a version or revision of a file that has gotten lost in your Outlook inbox.
  • Used other project management software, but ended up importing most of your data from Outlook anyways.

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