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The Best Online Project Management Software Review

This review aims to make you acquainted with Online Project Management Software - a simple and powerful tool to collaborate on a team project or to organize your personal life virtually.
You can try-to-use them for free as all project applications mentioned below are also offering free accounts, you have options to find the best application that fit your need with no obligations, more than that, since they are web-based applications, you can start manage projects, create new tasks and organize to-do list from your own computer anytime.

Here's the list (in alphabetical order) :

  • Task-centric interface. Keep focus on tasks at hand.
  • Milestones all projects organized by date.
  • The main dashboard shows all the upcoming tasks.
  • Online message board associated with every project to all internal team project.
  • Assign individual items to any of the team members or everyone with to-do lists.
  • Wiki-style Writeboards for collaborative writing.
  • Web-based instant messaging tool to chat the group.
  • Free account with unlimited users for one project.
  • Need to upgrade ($12/month) to add more projects and add documents and other files features.
  • Twitter style interface to track updates from everyone in the team.
  • Team members can post anything in their status updates and it is visible to the entire team.
  • Includes built-in time tracking from Harvest.
  • Best recommended for graphs and reports tracking projects option.
  • Supports tasks, milestones, calendar, time sheets and file sharing.
  • Send mail to all members of the project inside DeskAway itself.
  • Detailed reports and graphs information about completed, overdue, and upcoming deadlines.
  • Graphs details showing your overall progress on various projects.
  • Create an internal blog with DeskAway for team members.
  • Free account for up to 3 active projects, 5 users, and 25MB of file storage.
  • Upgrade starting at $10/month for accounts.
  • Manage tasks via email, including additional users, more storage space and deskmail (Upgrade features).
  • Task-orientated project management tool; discussion board, calendar, document storage, timesheets, tasks and ticket.
  • Easily track the time you spend on different tasks, automatic timesheet recorded.
  • Attach documents and other files to the project.
  • Add tickets to the project by simple emailing a note to a specific email address.
  • The free plan provides 3 projects for 2 users, and 100Mb of online storage space for files.
  • Upgrades are available starting at $10/month for additional projects, users, and storage.
  • Best recommended for freelancer.
  • Easily track time spent on a task using the web interface or through dedicated desktop widgets available for Mac and PC.
  • Time tracking and other project management features integrated with Basecamp.
  • Tracking time spent on a project, produce invoice for clients and other expenses.
  • The invoice dashboard keeps track of all open, past due, and recently paid invoices, once it's created.
  • Free account for one user with up to 2 projects, 4 clients, and unlimited invoicing.
  • Upgrades with unlimited projects and additional users and features starting at $12/month.
  • Completely free (supported by ads).
  • Best recommended for high school and college students.
  • Keep track of all pending assignments and other school work.
  • Shows due date all of the assignments and upcoming events for the full week.
  • Invite partners and collaborate on class assignments within Soshiku itself.
  • Attach files up to 50 MB in size with assignments.
Zoho Projects
  • Best recommended if you already familiar with Microsoft Project.
  • Import files feature, from Microsoft Project into Zoho Projects.
  • Desktop to web based applications switching easily.
  • Log into Zoho Projects using your existing Google Account or Yahoo! credentials.
  • Integrated with Google Docs. Attach documents with your projects that are already on Google Docs.
  • Available to track milestones, tasks, etc. in Google Calendar or even Outlook with iCal feed.
  • Add tasks and milestones to a project and communicate with your team through wikis, built-in chat, and forums (or message board).
  • Each forum has a unique email address so you can post replies to forums posts via a simple email message.
  • The free version can only create a single project with 1 wiki and 100 MB of file storage.
  • The premium version offers support for timesheets, invoices and additional projects at $12/month.


Kevin Moore said...


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spartax said...

kevin, thanks for visited my blog... Im very interested with your product, think i'll make a review of your product in my next post.

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