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Analog PCalc. Calculator for Programmer

If you're a programmer, you've probably downloaded a so-called 'programmers calculator' at least once in your life, only to be sorely disappointed; I'm sorry, but displaying the results in hex and/or binary doesn't make a calculator a 'programmers calculator', nor does making 42 a constant in it either! Someone should do something about this, and someone has...

Programmers around the world, your prayers have been answered - Behold AnalogX PCalc, the ULTIMATE programmers calculator. Forget putting up lame buttons with numbers on them; that's fine in the real world, but hardly useful in a GUI, let's instead focus on functionality, and that's just what I did.

AnalogX PCalc allows you to enter any equation in the EXACT same format as C/C++, and it will process it with the same precedence, giving you the results in a variety of formats! PCalc also supports the use of user-defined variables, and also has most of the common constants used already defined.

Download PCalc

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