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Energy saving solution

Measurement of energy efficiency is the most outstanding environmental benefit, if you have any energy problems at home, industry, business, building, and institution, you may need this solution to analyze of the energy matrix.
Cepenergy Management Software for Buildings is a tool for the analysis of the Energy Matrix (Electricity, Water, Fuel), and CO2 emissions in buildings. This is a new tool for multivariable analysis which combines simultaneously all kinds of energy together with the respective utility bills to get a model and a value for the energy efficiency.

With Cepenergy Management Software for Buildings you can know how optimize your energy resources, solves your energy problems, saving and optimizing and manage the cooperation and contribution, at the Building level, to decrease the generation of greenhouse gases.

Software Details, Features & Infos:

Windows XP, Vista, Office 2003. Personal computer with a 486 or higher microprocessor, 25 Megabytes or more of RAM, at least 100 Megabytes of available disk space.

Programming Language:
Visual Basic

Validation Process:
Data can be validated in each running. Software predicts saving money to each energy used, so results can be confronted with the decrease of spending caused of a higher energy efficiency.

Include Universities, College and k12 School Buildings, Retail, Office, Government, Commercial, Industrial and Business Buildings.

Buildings & Energy Program Managers, Maintenance Buildings Managers, Buildings Designers, Facility Managers, Architects, Builders Engineers.

Official website:

Free trial demo for 30 days. Additional information also in the Web site.

Energy management, energy efficiency, energy evaluation, energy simulation, energy modeling, environmental performance, sustainable development, CO2 footprint.


Digitech said...

I never thought that we can use softwares to conserve energy, good info...... thank you for sharing loll....

Web Design Services said...

Wow! for energy savings a software is used!This shows how the technology improved!!!!!!!

information about life said...

Thanks a lot for sharing a wonderful informative post. I too never thought in this ways before. I would love to be more energy efficient in future. Thanks for sharing information about energy saving.

power saving solutions said...

I must say that the the blower door test at my place was very dramatic. the technician sealed up our front door and proceeded to use a fan to suck air out of the house and through a hole in the enclosure. I was laughing at that time.

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