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Scroll Wheel doesn’t work in VB 6

By default, your mouse scroll wheel won’t work in Visual Basic 6. You’ll have to download a dll that will add the functionality to Visual Basic 6.

Get dll here (Microsoft Support)
Some history of the scroll wheel can be found at the Interesting Thing of the Day website:

Although the scroll wheel was invented by Mouse Systems (now owned by KYE) in the early ’90s, its popularity skyrocketed in 1996 when Microsoft made it part of their IntelliMouse®.

I found it humerous that the company that popularized the scroll wheel, didn’t even support it by default in the software it sells. In 1998, when Visual Basic 6 was released, I suppose Microsoft had been selling scroll mice for 2 years. Oh well, I’m glad they provide a download that fixes the problem. ;)

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