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Ini Translator

Ini Translator is a utility program to translate ini-style language files and has a look and feel reminiscent of poEdit (a great language editor for gnu gettext files). Ini-style language files are pretty common in Windows and are used by programs like Inno Setup, ISTool, FlashGet and Wallpaper Sequencer to name a few. The program runs of Windows 98/Me/XP/2000.

Here's a screenshot of the latest version:

Main features of the program:
  • Developed with Delphi 7 (but compiles with Delphi 6 as well)
  • Uses Troy Wolbrinks TNT Unicode controls for correct display regardless of locale
  • Uses Toolbar2000 from Jordan Russell, TBX from Alex Denisov, TBX Themes from Roy Magne Klever for that slick look and SpTBXLib from Sliverpoint Development for Unicode support in toolbars and menus
  • Uses Addict spell checker kindly donated by Addictive Software
  • Search and replace in original and translation
  • Support for dictionaries with multiple translations
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Support for column sorting
  • Quickly find untranslated items or items that looks "suspect"
  • Command line interface with "script"-capability
  • Localizable using ini-style language files
  • Plugin interface to read any type of file and to manipulate the currently loaded items. The plugins can be developed in any programming language that can create 32-bit Windows DLL files
  • Several plugins supplied with the install, among them parsers for PO, PHP, PHP Nuke, IB Forum, Mozilla Messenger and SciTE
  • Windows XP theme support
[Download Ini Translator Latest version]

Ini Translator Folder &source code
Visit Ini Translator Homepage

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