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Sample Accounting Software

* How to create database files folder?
* How to create report files folder?
* How to extract Visual basic source files?
* How to extract the database files?
* How to set up the ODBC Data Source ?
* How to set the date format in regional settings?
* How to open this project in visual basic ?
* How to set the project properties ?
* How to set the project components?
* How to set the project references?
* How to understand and trace the Source code ?

Simple and efficient Financial Accounting Software for small businesses.
With Multi company and muliple financial year support. Instant Reports.
No codes required for account folios. Built in back up and restore facilty .
zip file contains complete source code.
This source code contains 35 forms and 2 modules.
For Database access, It used ADO in this application. Database can be any odbc data source.
You can use Foxpro, Microsoft Access,SQL Server or Oracle. Database Table structures are published. All path settings are clearly explained.

Download sample code

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