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Imagine when you are in the middle of this situation: you type wrong answer to a cryptic Windows question has sent files to oblivion. Or one day in your working hours found program crash or virus wipes files from your system and some important files or even entire directory has been lost or deleted.

If you might think that deleted files are totally gone, you are wrong because it is still possible to recover and get your files back. But safety first to do is to avoid using the computer which the drive that holds the deleted files are connected, this act will increase your chance to get your files back rather than you kick out that cpu and blame it to the virus maker.

You can use PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery to help recovering lost file. All you do is download and Install the program on the computer – try to avoid the same drive as the deleted files. Follow the simple steps and fingers-crossed the file can be recovered. It can undelete a lost file from FAT, FAT!6, FAT32 and NTFS file system format. Plus it can finds partitions automatically, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged.

File Recovery 4 can also recover most common files types. Even if part of the file is damaged and beyond recovery, you may be able to get back some useful fragments - recovering half of a lost 10,000 word assignment is better than having nothing at all.

Download PC Inspector File Recovery 4

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