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Levent's Setup Maker v1.0

Levent's Setup Maker is a small and fast setup maker tool for Visual Basic programmers, includes an Uninstaller and your Program will be added Add/Remove Programs list.

  • Fast-Small-Extracter exe (adds only 32 kb to your application)
  • Adds your program to Add/Remove Programs List
  • Includes Uninstaller (Optional)
  1. Choose the directory that contains files of your program (Note:Sub-Directories are not supported.You must put all files in same directory)
  2. Enter a path in "Install to" part this path will be prompted to user at installation.
  3. Enter the name of your program.
  4. Click "Include Uninstaller" to Include your application.
  5. Click "Create EXE".
  6. A file called "setup.exe" will be created under same directory with Setup Maker. You can Zip it with another application such as WinZip.
Download Levent's Setup Maker

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