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Simple MP3 Player

VB MP3 Player is an easy and simple MP3 Player written in Visual Basic 6. It does not use the Windows Media Player plugin, only windows MCI. The player should play MP3, WAV and MIDI files.

The VB Runtime 6.0 files are required for running the player.
The file 'modShapedForm.bas' was created with TracEr (a program made by Richard Leitao, it's free and can be downloaded from

What's new:

* In the open dialog, the multi-select is allowed.
* The menu can be also opened from the playlist window.
* WAVE files are now supported.
* Now it's possible to open MP3 files with the command line.
* New tooltip for the timer that shows the file length.
* New tooltip for the playlist that shows the full name of the selected file.

Download VBMP3 Player: (source) - (exe)
Visit Project website

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