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code & syntax converter

Introducing Highlight, a small powerful converter tool, it will converts your source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting.
Colored output in HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX and XML format. Highlights is a platform independent, support more than 120 programming language and includes 40 colour themes.

  • Highlighting of keywords, types, strings, numbers, escape sequences, comments, symbols and directive lines
  • Supports custom keyword groups, which may be defined using regular expressions
  • Colored output in HTML, XHTML 1.1, RTF, TeX, LaTeX, terminal escape sequences and XML format
  • Customizable reformatting and indentation of C, C++, C# and Java source code
  • Wrapping of long lines
  • Output of line numbers
  • Choice to embed the formatting information in the output HTML, LaTeX or TeX file or to save them in a separate style file, which is referenced by the generated documents
  • Customizable colour themes
  • Recursive batch processing of directories

Download Highlights 2.6.9 for Win (2.2MB)
Visit Publisher's website to see more download option

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