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Use MSWord spell corrector tools within VB

If you would like to incorporate a Spellings Corrector in your VB app, it would take you quite a long time, this trick shows you in a simple example how to use MS Word´s Spelling Corrector within VB.

Create a new project with one form. Put a CommandButton and a TextBox on it.

Set the following properties of the textbox:
"Height = a couple of lines" Multiline=true ScrollBars=Vertical

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Text1 = SpellCheck(Text1)
End Sub

Public Function SpellCheck(ByVal IncorrectText$) As String
Dim Word As Object, retText$

On Error Resume Next

' Create the Object and open Word
Set Word = CreateObject("Word.Basic")

' Change the active window to Word, and insert
' the text from Text1 into Word.

Word.Insert IncorrectText

' Runs the Speller Corrector

' Trim the trailing character from the returned text.

retText = Word.Selection$()
SpellCheck = Left$(retText, Len(retText) - 1)

' Close the Document and return to Visual Basic.

Word.FileClose 2

'Set the word object to nothing to liberate the
' occupied memory

Set Word = Nothing
End Function

I used WordBasic because that way you can also use this tip with older versions of Word aswell. (by. Philip N)

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