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CopyProjectLite, the simple way to copy

CopyProjectLite 1.0 is a small VB utility but very useful, it helps you to copy Your VB Project to a new location, it's very very simple job right? but did you ever found how hard even just to copy a current VB project to to another directory, computer, or floppy or zip disk? I did and I had trouble to run the program because I lost some required files that came from another folder directory.

For that case, CopyProjectLite do the great job, now you can easily copy your VB project to a new location with no worry. All project files and related documents are copied to the new directory.

You can use this free VB tools to create new projects based on old projects, back up your projects, get only the files actually used in your project and test your code on a different computer.

Download CopyProjectLite 1.0 for Free - [Link #1 | link #2 ]
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