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How to create your own VB add-in features

Visual Basic Programmers usually create add-ins because they feel short of features when working with Microsoft tools or it seems at times that Microsoft hasn't yet developed the tool we need.
Obviously, Microsoft can't design features to fulfill each and every programmer needs, so it made Visual Basic (VB) an extensible product, thereby providing the way for VB developers to create their own add-in features.
Here's some samples, tools and how-to articles to help you create your own Visual Basic Add-in project.
  1. Visual Basic Add In Tips & sample code
  2. Free Visual Basic Refactoring Add-in for Visual Studio Developers
  3. How To Create a Visual Basic Automation Add-in for Excel Worksheet Functions
  4. Points to take care with Visual Basic Add-In
  5. Multi-Language Add-In for Visual Basic (shareware)
  6. Success writing a Visual Basic add-in for MCE! (thegreenbutton forum)
  7. Code Template Add-In for Visual Basic Version 2.0
  8. Visual Open Project Add-In.
    Add-In for Visual Basic 6.0 that allow easy and quickly open Your projects.
  9. Context! VB 1.0. (shareware)
    A Visual Basic Add-In which has been designed to short-cut the process of developing context sensitive popup help forVisual Basic 5 and 6 applications.
  10. Visual Basic 6.0 Procedure Sort Add-In.
    The Procedures Sort Add-In is a great add-in for those who like well-organized code. You can use it to sort your procedures in the active CodeWindow alphabetically. It preserve all you procedure attributes, which you normally loose when you do it manually. Event-handlers and Interface-implementations will be placed at the end of your code.
  11. Creating a Text-to-speech add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 with Visual Studio 2008

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