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How to add your Facebook friends to Windows Live Messenger

Having all your friends on Facebook is great, however being able to chat to them easily may be a slight issue. It seems that the facebook chat function is always out of sync, or not working. So how can we resolve this? By adding all out friends to Windows Live Messenger. This is a very easy process which should take no longer than a few minutes, however you'll have to log into MSN with your facebook account (I'm aware that some people aren't too happy about this, however apart from that, there's no alternate method.)

To enable and integrate Facebook Chat onto Windows Live Messenger and/or Hotmail’s Messenger, users have to connect their Facebook account to Windows Live and checked on the "Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger" box to give their consent to Facebook. Note that if you already connect Facebook to Windows Live Messenger, the Facebook Chat in Hotmail's Messenger is automatically linked and turned on, thus you can see your online Facebook friends right away when logging into Hotmail.

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