Koders IDE Plug-ins enable software developers to perform Koders searches directly from within the Eclipse or Visual Studio development environments by extending the reach of the Koders.com open source code index to the desktop. Koders offers plug-ins for Eclipse 3.0 and above, as well as Visual Studio.NET 2003 and 2005.

Search Koders.com faster without a browser

* The Koders search panel is displayed as a toolbar component within the IDE
* Search directly from the editor by right clicking on a term
* Localize the plug-ins for additional languages
Let SmartSearch™ work for you
* SmartSearch™ finds and recommends existing source code in real-time

* SmartSearch™ runs transparently in the background, as you work.

More Plug-in Information

* Learn more about Koders Desktop IDE Plug-ins

* SmartSearch™ demo with audio (~5 MB)

Visit the official website to read details and download free source code!

2 komentar:

Joseph said... 6/21/2007

see google's programmers search engine http://devshots.com

Devshots returns Google search results, but emphasize on programming related sites and resources. So the

search result will be smart and accurate.

conradsharry said... 3/04/2008

thanks for sharing joseph