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Access to your POP3 mailbox with FreePOP

FreePOP is an ActiveX control that allows read/write access to a POP3 mailbox and the messages in the mailbox. With this control you will not be able, on the other end, to access a SMTP server to send e-mail.
With this ActiveX control, you can:

* find out the number of unread messages in a POP3 mailbox.
* access to the various headers of a message (i.e. Subject, Date, From, etc.)
* retrieve the contents of a message.
* selectively delete a message.
* read a message directly into a file.

Once you have added the control to a form, it will be invisible and you'll be able to manage it with a set of properties and methods.

To install, extract the contents of the ZIP archive in a custom folder and run Setup.Exe. To use the control, go to Project>Components in VB and mark the line FreePOP 4.0.1. Remember that the control is invisible at runtime.

The ZIP archive contains a HTML guide to the control. Be sure to read it.

Download FreePOP v4.0.1
by Glen Harm

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