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Protection Software
NiceProtect represents external protection for Your

software. Protection is believed to be external because it
sets up onto compiled application and it does not requires
modernization of source code. For example, if you create
registration checking, then after compilation and
placement this software to web site, every hacker can
disassemble program, find registration checking and crack
protection mechanism. To avoid this You can use
NiceProtect. If after compilation protect your program
with this protector - application code will not be
available for disassembling and exploration by hackers
because it will be encrypted. Moreover, protection
mechanism contents modern technologies of polymorphism and
metamorphism which greatly complicates analysis of the
kernel of protection by hackers. It will be extremely hard
to remove protection because entry point in program will
be partially translated in metamorphic code and executed
on the Virtual Machine, that will complicate its
restoration. In addition,by Your wish, your program code
may be packed that will reduce common size of program
without loss of its functionality. As a result we have
nice packer + nice protection that is recommended for use
in all Your programs.
Download Dotfix NiceProtect 1.0

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