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Send SMS with Skype 3+

Here I will show you a simple way to send an SMS using Access VBA and Skype. For this you will need Skype version 3 or higher and some skype credit.

Private Sub cmdSendSkype_Click()
' By Mark Plumpton
' Custom Data Solutions Ltd

SkypeSMS txtNumber, txtMessage

End Sub

Public Function SkypeSMS(strNumber As String, strBody As String)
'strNumber is in international format

Dim sky As New
Dim sms As SKYPE4COMLib.SmsMessage

Set sms = sky.CreateSms(smsMessageTypeOutgoing, strNumber)
sms.Body = strBody

'you can loop here and wait till the message is sent or fails
Debug.Print sms.Status
Set sms = Nothing

End Function


'Uses Skype4Com.dll

' Anyway you need skype 3 or higher which installs skype4com library for you

Download sample Here
By Mark Plumpton ~ Custom Data Solutions Ltd
and Edited by Garry

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