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Call DB2 stored procedures in VB6.0 App

DB2 stored procedures in Visual Basic 6.0: If you're a database administrator or stored procedure author for DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS, you might use server-side tests (in COBOL) to test stored procedures. But there are also benefits in running some simple client-side tests. More on db2 stored procedures and vb db2 connectivity
by Judith.M. Myerson and Sarah Packowski.
First published at IBM developerWorks.
If you are a database administrator or stored procedure author for IBM DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS, you probably use server-side tests (in COBOL) to test your server-side stored procedures. However, there are also benefits to taking the extra step in running some simple, client-side tests. By doing this, you can be aware of complications arising from communication or system problems related to stored procedures before client-side application developers try to use those stored procedures.

For example, if the database server is DB2 for OS/390 or z/OS, the complications that might arise include TCP/IP services being down or problems with the SQL stored procedure builder/processor DSNTPSMP. Creating these client-side tests can give you a better understanding of the way in which your database and stored procedures are being used (which might affect system and stored procedure design and implementation choices). Finally, the experience of creating and running client-side tests help you bridge the communication gap that sometimes develops between you and the client-side application developers.

Highlights include:

* Sample 1: Calling a stored procedure
* Sample 2: Navigating a result set
* Sample 3. Navigating multiple result sets
* Sample 4: Calling a stored procedure that takes one parameter
* Sample 5: Calling a stored procedure with multiple parameters
* Appendix A. Unattended batch processing
* Appendix B. Adding a graphical user interface
* Appendix C. Sample stored procedures in COBOL

[Download Tutorial | 140.28 KB, pdf files]

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