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Access to IDE with vbAdvance

VB5 and VB6 are able to build true Win32 native code executables by using what is essentially the Visual C++ compiler and linker. These build tools are a part of every VB 5 and VB 6 installation* and are as full featured as those found in Visual C++. However, the Visual Basic user interface provides access to only a subset of the capabilities found in this extremely powerful build system. For example, function exports and console subsytem applications can be built using the tools that ship with VB 5 and 6, but VB does not provide you with a way to access these features. The features are not missing, you just aren't given a way to access them..

vbAdvance gives you this access. On a per-project basis, you are able to access and configure these powerful build settings, as well as a host of other IDE convenience features. The result is that a range of capabilities that were previously unavailable are now made available to VB developers.

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