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Implementating Web Transaction Systems

This project is basically to demonstrate an ASP Based transaction system. That is, you will learn how to implement Winsock transactions in ASP.

You can use this component not just for implementing ECommerce transactions - but for any kind of socket based communication. Once you learn this project, you will get the concept for developing and implementing a number of features/technologies - like SMS, Chat Systems, Interaction with third party gateways, Instant Messengers etc.

This consists of three sections.

1) A COM DLL For wrapping Winsock Functionality.
2) An ASP file to test the component.
3) A Simple server to test the working of the system.

Each project is explained step by step, and the coding style is very simple with full of comments, so that even a very beginner can understand it with out Fuss or Frills.

We will develop the component as a COM DLL. As you know, later, we can create instances of this socket component from ASP pages, to send and receive data. The project package with this article contains:
SockObject - A well explained COM DLL, which shows you how to create a Wrapper class for using Sockets.
Test Server - A standard EXE server for testing the functionality of SockObject, and for giving you the concept of writing a server. Very simple and well commented. It just echoes the data comes to it.
An ASP file - A file named default.asp, for calling the SockObject to communicate with the server.
Please note these projects are interdependent. In our ASP file, we will:
Create an instance of the SockObject in the ASP file.
Sends the data to the Test Server, to get the reply.
Destroy the SockObject.

To make the project up and running:
Remember that you need IIS or PWS in your system, to test the system.
Kindly go through these steps.

1) Copy the default.asp file in the with this project, to any comfortable directory in the web root (for example, if the installation path of your web server is c:\inetpub\wwwroot, create a directory MYDIR there and copy the default.asp file to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MYDIR).
2) Open and run the SockObject project in Visual Basic
3) Open and run the Test Server project in Visual Basic
4) Type the URL to the default.asp file. (eg: http://localhost/mydir/default.asp)

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