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Security tools for sofware developer

Modern software must be more than secure, it must be unbreakable. No home-made solutions, nothing like that. The proven way is complete power of standard-based software components which offer you unprecedented level of security of your information!

Think about S/MIME, PKI, PGP, SSL/TLS, SSH, SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS, PDF, XML ... Too much abbreviations? Each abbreviation absorbs knowledge and experience of avowed security specialists. And you've got this all with SecureBlackbox, single easy-to-use package. THE security soltion for your .NET or Windows application!

When you need to:
* secure standard Internet protocols like FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, NNTP
* implement secure file transfer using SFTP or custom protocols
* perform PGP-compatible operations on files and text
* encrypt and sign PDF and XML documents
* create & parse MIME-compliant mail with security extensions (S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME)
* manage X.509 certificates and certificate storages easily

SecureBlackbox is your solution.

Primary goal of SecureBlackbox is:
To provide basic technology for the wide range of applications, hiding the details of low-level security protocols and algorithms, used by the parties during secure conversations.

SecureBlackbox offers:
Numerous features, as defined by the modern industry-adopted security standards and protocols. For the full list of features see individual packages.

SecureBlackbox can be used on:
Windows, .NET, Windows Mobile and Linux
Development tools:
- Visual Studio (managed code)
- Delphi, Kylix and FreePascal (native Delphi code)
- Visual C++ and Visual Basic (ActiveX controls)
- and any other development tool that supports .NET or ActiveX.

SecureBlackBox is a high class solutions for security and networking to corporate and individual software developers from Eldos Corporation

SecureBlackBox for Developer
High class solutions for security and networking

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